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The Story Of Sri Santhi

In 1981, out of a desire to do something different, a young Mr B.Srihari Rao established a construction company named Sri Santhi. What we used to construct then was different from what we construct now. Specifically, we began by laying railway tracks and replacing older ones. Post that, we undertook telecommunication cable laying projects from companies like BSNL, VSNL, Tata Telecommunications, etc. and executed works all over India, even in very remote locations. We had everything: big clients, big projects and big money. But Mr Rao wanted to do something different again. So, in 2006, under his captaincy, we debuted into REALTY development with the ‘different’ idea of moving people out of the city. Our idea clicked, people loved it and we haven’t looked back since. From 2006 till today, we have successfully completed many gated communities and multi-level housing projects in and around Visakhapatnam. With our roaring success in Realty, we have also ventured into Resorts and Import/Export. Our Sri Santhi Resorts, located just a couple of kilometres out of Vizag is a serene space for a getaway from the daily hustle of life.


Our vision to make a difference by linking right people at right time in a most engaging way. Meet our team who are leading our organization with their talents and dedication.

Mr. Srihari Rao
Mr. Srihari Rao Founder & Managing Director
Mr. Shyam Bollina
Mr. Shyam Bollina Director, Sri Santhi Food & Beverages
Mr. Suman Bollina
Mr. Suman BollinaDirector, Sri Santhi Corp & Sri Santhi Resorts
Ms. Deepthi Anand Ravilla
Ms. Deepthi Anand Ravilla Director, Sri Santhi Resorts
Mr. Ram Gopal
Mr. Ram GopalHead of Operations, Layouts & Resorts
 Mr. Chanti
Mr. ChantiHead of Operations, Apartments

Message from the Managing Director

I would first like to thank you for visiting our website and showing interest in Sri Santhi. I always wanted to go about doing things in a different way, in a way that has never been done before. I wanted to reach my destination like others but not using the road that everyone travels on. I wanted to take a path that I could identify myself. Like you, I too had dreams of building a house, a house that would be my paradise. I liked a piece of land and wanted to buy it, but was cheated. Court cases and legal proceeding followed. You can imagine how dire the situation could turn for the common man.

I was the common man once, so I know how hard it is. In 2005, I entered the real estate segment with two motives: one was to move people away from the city and the second was to ensure that people’s pursuit of their dream homes is hassle-free. And I swell with pride when I say that I have succeeded in doing both. Since our entry into Realty, we have developed and sold over 200 acres of gated communities and over 250 apartments in and around Visakhapatnam. I hope that you join our family too in the near future.

B.Srihari Rao
Founder & Managing Director